Engineering I.B. is a company that offers consultancy services and production services. We provide one-stop new product development services including custom product design, industrial design, prototyping, engineering, and contract manufacturing. Our expertise is in Pulp Paper Production, Product Design, and Production of Steel Construction.

what we do ?

Engineering IB (EIB) supplies a variety of clients in Kosovo and Europe with the world’s best technologies and valuable services for pulp production. In cooperation with European companies, we deliver complete production lines or individual components for your demand.

As part of our complete service, EIB offers an in house design facility and we are able to design bespoke engineering products and solutions for a variety of applications and industries. Having the product designed and manufactured by us means that not only is there less potential for error, but there is also a significant cost saving for you as a client.

EIB delivers reliable products and components on time, on budget and to the highest standards. We also manufacture a wide range of spare parts and components for most industries including steel, stainless steel, hardox, aluminium, rubbers, gearboxes, chains and connecting elements amongst others.

Dervish Gjocaj


Noar Krasniqi

Logistics Manager

Krenar Pllana

Manager - Project Execution

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